Diego Perez De Ayala

Crypto is a Coordination Boom

Throughout history, the greatest technological unlocks have been ones that allow for an increased level of interconnectedness and facilitate a transfer of information, across time,

RegFi vs. DarkFi

When an industry is nascent, typically stigmatized activities and grey market goods dominate traffic on the new substrate. Take the internet for example, adult content,

Crypto Gaming: Lessons Learned From Yuga

In early 2022, following a parabolic NFT bull run, Yuga Labs raised a $450M seed round valuing the company at $4 billion. Between this capital

Weaving Speculation Into Daily Routines

Successful apps are ones that are able to capitalize on things that we all innately desire or can’t stop doing. By observing apps that captivated

Crypto Drives Everlasting Data Well for AI

OpenAI has been trained by datasets obtained by scraping the entire internet numerous times. This allows the model to be readily trained on text-based inputs

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