Logan Jastremski

Managing Partner
Logan Jastremski is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Frictionless. Previously, Logan led Product for Tesla’s Supercharging Digital Experience Team. Post Tesla, Logan extensively focused on Web3 scalability from first-principles and hosting weekly podcast with the top technical and investing minds within the Industry.

Diego Perez de Ayala

Managing Partner

Diego Perez de Ayala is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Frictionless. Previously, Diego worked at FTX USA and in investment banking where he advised on ~$15 billion in transactions for clients such as KKR, Blackstone, and CPPIB. Most recently, Diego has been working with founders at the ecosystem level of various high-throughput blockchains and applying a first-principles approach to investing.

David Tse


David Tse is a Tenured Professor at Stanford University. He is the inventor of the proportional-fair scheduling algorithm used in all third and fourth-generation cellular systems, serving 2.7 billion subscribers around the world. He is 1 of 8 members of the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

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