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Infrastructure,Research,Research 2022
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Infrastructure,Featured,Featured Research,Research,Research 2022
Today, Layer 2s (L2s) are touted as one of the holy grails of scaling solutions, yet many people do not realize that L2s are in fact separate blockchains used to compress data to fit more transactions in each L1 block. To maximize the impact of a L2, you can use up to 100% of the L1 block space for the L2.
Research,Featured,Featured Research,Infrastructure,Research 2022
Until this point, blockchains have felt a lot like dial-up internet. Slow, clunky, and with very limited use cases. Dial-up internet speeds had a maximum of 56 kb/s which is shockingly slow by today’s standards. 56 kb/s was only enough to do some very basic internet browsing like loading up your favorite web portal, sending emails, or downloading a low-res image very slowly.
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